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Hellou. I am here to share a list of facts that I find amusing.
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Jun 20th ♥ 0 notes

Your Next button isn't coded right. It is acting as a link to page 2 instead of a link to a set value. I'd also like to point out that there is nothing past page 4. 

I’ll get right on that!

Jun 20th ♥ 0 notes

you need to update some more facts!!! 

I’ve been out of town recently, but I definitely have a stock pile of facts to make tonight! Thanks for following! :)

Jun 11th ♥ 0 notes

Dude pretty much all of your facts are wrong. 

No, they are correct. I research them thoroughly before posting them.

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Feel free to submit facts, guys! :) 

Jun 7th ♥ 0 notes

Just make sure they’re true ^_^

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